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Agricultural Non Woven Material

Agricultural non woven material is also manufactured and supplied at surya laxmi industries. We are the leading name in industry in terms of providing best quality agricultural non woven material. Agricultural non woven material is actually the most economic and eco friendly material made by using polymer. These fabrics are light weight and offers protection against ultra violet rays of the sun.

The agricultural non woven material enables early growth of plants with an improvised yield. They also protect the plants against cold breeze and very low temperature. The dangers that come with hail storms, rains and storms are also taken care of by these materials. Some of the agricultural non woven material includes:

  • Non Woven Weed Control Fabric

  • Non Woven crop cover

  • Non woven fruit protection cover

  • Non woven plant cover

  • Non woven fleece cover

  • Root control non woven bag

  • Non woven uv treated ground cover

  • Banana fruit cover bags

  • PP ground cover

Non woven crop cover

Surya laxmi industries offer non woven crop cover with a fine finish and are reusable. Along with the fine finish it is also available with vibrant color options to select from. This fabric is easy to port

Non woven banana fruit cover bags

These fruit cover bags prevent ripening of bananas blocks the passage of dust as well as insects. It is generally a protective cover which is used before the harvest. The fabric is pigmented according to the need of the customers. Sometimes it is used to protect pomegranate as well.

Non woven PP ground cover

This is generally white in color and provides protection against ulta violet radiation. It is resistant towards tearing, puncturing and weed penetration. It can also be used to cover plantation from frost and snow. It prevents the plants from overheating during day time and from winds that blow during night hours. It is generally used to protect those plants that are sensitive of viral diseases.

Agricultural Non woven material is an affordable and light weight fabric that helps the farmers in protecting the crops and plants against various hazards of the nature. These materials are easy to use and allow water as well as other nutrients to reach the plants easily. These fabrics are also used to control the growth of weed in gardening, plantation, horticulture and other related activities. They also maintains the moisture of the plantation. While manufacturing these fabrics, team members of Surya laxmi industries keep in mind that they wish to prevent soil erosion through there fabrics. They also focus on giving quality products to their clients and secure never ending relationship with their customers. We also try to fulfill our duties with perfection. Our products are found in the market extensively due to our low price range.

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