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Bouffant Cap Making Machine in Delhi

Our consumers have praised us for providing a comprehensive assortment of high-quality Bouffant Cap Making Machine Manufacturers in Delhi. This Bouffant Cap Machine is in high demand in the industry due to its flawless performance. Surya Laxmi Industries provides high-quality Bouffant cap-producing machines at a cheap price. It also ensures a high level of quality and professionalism. 

Superior Quality:

We are the top Bouffant Cap Making Machine Suppliers and Exporters in India because of our continual efforts. We are offering a complete choice of superior quality Bouffant Cap Making Machine that has earned us a lot of praise from our clients. This cap-producing machine is in high demand in the business because of its immaculate performance. 


At our end, the offered cap-producing machine is made from high-quality raw materials in accordance with industry requirements. This cap-producing machine is available in a variety of customized choices to fit the needs of our customers. 

Technical description:



Raw material 

Non-woven fabric, Elastic bands & PE film (optional)

Suitable for 

Non-woven bouffant caps and PE shower caps


Touch Screen


120 – 200 Pcs/min

Cap size 

19 inches (can be customized)

Power supply 

220V, 50/60Hz

Required power 

5 KW

Total ultrasonics 

3 sets

Machine dimensions 

Length: 3800, Width: 800 Height: 1000

Machine weight 

800 KG

Air supply required 


Main equipments:

Part name


conveyor belt

Machine final cutting section 

The cutting blade is to cut the cap piece by piece

Machine Welding Gear

Machine Welding Gear

PLC Touch Screen

We use the INOVANCE group brand PLC touch screen.

Machine Folding Device

Machine folding device to fold the non woven into cap shape.

Traction Roller

We use the silicone rubber materials instead of the butyronitrile materials .The silicone rubber materials are good abrasion resistant and will not crack .

Elastic welding roller

Our machine is installed with a 2 set welding roller ,for different size elastic. The 1 mm and 4 mm elastic are both suitable on our machine .

Elastic alarm system

If the elastic breaks, this device will fall down and the machine will stop automaticly.It can greatly reduce the quantity of waste product.

Non woven materials unwinder 

Non woven materials feeding part

elastic feeding and tension adjust device

This device can feed elastic and also adjust the elastic tension.


In the machine, they have a three set ultrasonic system. We manufacture the ultrasonic by ourselves which is of good quality and stable.


We install the fan near the ultrasonic horn, to Lower the horn temperatures, and to extend ultrasonic life

Machine motor

Our geared motor is a new type and no need to refuel.

electrical box

We use CHINT Electric.

frequency converter 

We use the INOVANCE group brand frequency converter .

protective film

We use the protective film to cover the aluminum alloy surface, so that the surface will not be scratched

Machine door lock

We use a door lock ,without the key, the worker cannot start the machine.

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