Disposable Bed Sheet Making Machine

Disposable Bed Sheet Making Machine in Delhi

With an excellent Disposable bed sheet machine available at Surya Laxmi Industries, increasing productivity and profitability from nonwoven sheet manufacture is simple. We are the top-notch Bed Sheet Making Machine Suppliers and Exporters in India. These have incredible features that make them outstanding value for money. They include technological advancements that streamline production, increase efficiency, and save time.

Advanced safety features:

The disposable sheet machine is an excellent investment for any business that wants to increase efficiency. This disposable bed sheet-producing machine's ease of use makes it practical and popular among many customers. They're simple to set up, control, and monitor. They are outfitted with the most advanced safety features to keep the operator secure from harm. Surya Laxmi Industries is the best Disposable Bed Sheet Making Machine Manufacturers in Delhi. Get one for your company today by contacting us.

Technical description:



Raw material 

Non-woven fabric (Spunbond, Spunmelt, Spunlace), hot air fabric, acupuncture fabric, etc

Suitable for 

Disposable medical bed sheets


Touch Screen


Upto 40 metre/min

Max raw material width 

2000 mm

Cutting width range 

300 to 2000 mm

Power supply 

220V, 50 Hz

Required power 

5 KW

Machine dimensions 

Length: 9900, Width: 2400 Height: 2150

Machine weight 

5000 KG

Air supply required 


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