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Hygienic Non Woven Fabric

Surya laxmi traders also specialize in manufacturing hygienic non woven fabric. Hygienic non woven fabric basically refers to the material or fabric that is used in the personal hygiene products. With the growing awareness of maintaining hygiene in and around the surroundings, people are becoming more alert of the fact that they should use the quality material when it comes to personal hygiene. This will reduce the cause of infections and prevailing dirt in and around the personal areas of the body.

Hygienic non woven fabrics are generally used in following products:

  • Diapers for babies

  • Sanitary pads

  • Incontinence products

  • Nursing pads and

  • Toddlers training pants

  • Waxing strips

  • Wet wipes

We always try to give best quality products to our kids. So why to compromise with the hygiene of kids? The diapers absorb the liquid or say urine because it is made up of superabsorbent polymers, wood pulp and the nonwoven fabric. If this non woven fabric is of good quality, the diaper will stay dry for a longer period of time preventing the baby’s skin from any kind of rashes or roughness. Since the non woven fabric is the one that comes in direct contact of the baby’s skin, it is the fabric quality that keeps the baby skin smooth.

In the same manner there are various types of female hygiene products. These include sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners and incontinence products. These are generally used during the menstrual period of the females. These products are also the outcome of super absorbents and non woven fabric that helps in keeping the area dry keeping the skin smooth.

The non woven waxing strips are made using non woven fabric. These remove the wax easily from the body of the person leaving a smooth texture behind. The fabric for making waxing strip is available at a very reasonable price. These are generally used in salons, spa, massage parlors and skin care industry.They are perfect for body and are smooth and light

Features of hygienic non woven fabric that is manufactured by Surya Laxmi traders:

  • The hygiene products manufactured using our fabric lasts for long

  • The products are skin friendly. They never leave rashes or roughness on the skin of person using it

  • They are easy to wear. Females or kids does not face any complications while using the same

  • They are easy to wash. Though most of the items are disposable, there are certain items that can be washed as well

  • The products are very comfortable and have niche quality

  • They are generally available in plain pattern and are white in color

  • These fabrics find there use in hospitals, homes and other hygiene areas

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