Non Woven Shoe Cover Making Machine

Non Woven Shoe Cover Making Machine in Delhi

Surya Laxmi Industries is one of the top Non-Woven Shoe Cover Making Machine Suppliers and Exporters in India. Non woven shoe cover-making machines have been thoroughly researched and developed to be simple to operate, maintain, and increase productivity. Our equipment can help you achieve all of your manufacturing goals in a timely and efficient manner. Surya Laxmi Industries works hard to create high-quality, energy-efficient shoe cover-making machines for our customers. 

Automatically work:

We supply professional machines that assist you attain your target in an efficient manner as a top Shoe Cover-making machine Manufacturers in Delhi.  Our firm investigated and created the machine on the basis of an old-type machine. It improves the machine's stability, and it can automatically work from material rewinding to become a finished product, increasing productivity. 


We changed the outside and structure to make it appear more simple and generous, as well as making it easier to operate and maintain. Here are some features of a Non-Woven Shoe Cover Making Machine:

  1. Stainless steel structure, independent electrical control box, compacted machine, small footprint
  2. The parts have a chrome finish on the surface, which covers stainless steel sections and makes them look nice and clean.
  3. A multifunctional machine with the ability to adapt the model for each distinct size of shoe cover production

Technical description:



Raw material 

Non-woven fabric, Elastic bands

Suitable for 

Disposable non-woven shoe covers


Touch Screen


70 – 100 Pcs/min

Shoe cover size 

Length: 400 mm, Width: 140 to 160 mm

Power supply 

220V, 50/60Hz

Required power 

3.5 KW

Machine dimensions 

Length: 1600, Width: 1500 Height: 1750

Machine weight 

600 KG

Air supply required 


Other items included:

Knife blade 

2 Pieces

Electronic tape 

1 Piece

Tungsten Wire 

1 Meter

Adjustable Wrench 

1 Set

Allen Wrench 

1 Set


1 Piece


1 Copy

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